The Slammin Salmon – Movie Trailer and News

the_slammin_salmon_1_thumbnail.jpg The Slammin Salmon is the latest comedy movie from the comedy group Broken Lizard who brought you Beer Fest and Super Troopers, Starring Micheal Duncan Clark as a restaurant boss who has a prize for the top performing waiter who can make the most money in one night so that the boss can pay off his debts to the Japanese Yakuza a that are after his head
Rachel McAdams could be Spiderman’s Black Cat

black_cat_rachel_mcadams_1_thumbnail.jpg News is spreading like wild fire that Rachel McAdams is in the running to play Black Cat in the upcoming Spiderman 4 movie directed by Sam Raimi. It's not the first time that McAdams has been lined up to star in a Superhero movie, with her being in the running to play Pepper Pots in the Iron Man movie and now rumours of this. It would surely be a career boost in recognition for Rachel McAdams starring in a successful franchise like Spiderman, although with her role in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie this Christmas and her starring role in The Time Traveler's Wife she might not need it
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Kick Ass Movie Trailer

kick_ass_1_thumbnail.jpg If you haven't heard of Kick Ass yet, then it take the whole superhero idea and adds a really interesting twist that turns it into a cross between X-Men and Napoleon Dynamite. Kick Ass is the title and also the superhero name of the main character played by Aaran Johnson who is also joined by Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz and Red Mist played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, also starring is Nic Cage but unfortunately we don't get to see in this trailer
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Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 16

pixelate_mix_1_thumbnail.gif Pixelated is back again, with more movie poster quiz related fun for you to pit your film knowledge against! This week we have a bit of a test for you, and while this movie is a classic it's not a modern movie, so a little clue for you this week is dont think to modern, and of course this movie is probably going to be a little bit easier for our older readers! The second clue is that this movie is from a classic director that unfortunately now isn't with us.
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Duncan Jones Moon Trilogy and Source Code

moon_trailer_2_thumbnail.jpg With his first feature film Moon a critical success and a great debut movie, Duncan Jones is now looking towards his next movie projects. First up is the planned follow up to Moon which is set to serve as an epilogue to Moon, and Jones confirmed that Sam Rockwell has agreed to do a cameo in the next movie, although no news yet on whether the movie will be a sequel or a prequel
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The Wolfman – Posted

the_wolfman_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg Posted is back, our regular look at the latest and greatest movie posters has returned. This week we're focusing on just the one film and that film is The Wolfman
Men in Black 3 – Sequel News

men_in_black_3_1_thumbnail.jpg The Men in Black are set to return for the third movie in the series with rumours of both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones set to reprise their roles after both showing interest in returning to the characters. The rumored release date for Men in Black 3 in sometime in 2011 so nothing is concrete yet, but here's hoping that it more like the original which was a solid popcorn movie rather than the sequel which didn't really light the screen on fire in any way shape or form
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Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time – Full Movie Trailer Online

prince_of_persia_trailer_1.jpg The full official trailer for the Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time is now online and we have it right here for you to check out. The trailers looks great and it has that epic look that Jerry Bruckheimer always manages to achieve, and with two interesting leads in Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton who seem to have chemistry on screen it looks as though we are going to have the first giant blockbuster of 2010 on our hands with this movie
District 13 Ultimatum Movie Review

district_13_ultimatum_1_thumbnail.jpg District 13 Ultimatum is the sequel to District 13 or Banlieu 13 which is of course the French title for the movie which is where the movie hails from. District 13 Ultimatum is written and produced by French mega producer Luc Besson and directed by Patrick Alessandrin in stylish and kinetic fashion and see the films original buddy duo, David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli return as Leito and Damien
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Stallone talk Arnie and Willis Cameo in the Expendables

the_expendables_1_thumbnail.jpg Finally news has broken about the cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Expendables which has long been rumored and now Stallone has finally given us some details on how the cameo unfolds. Entertainment Weekly broke the story and it seems that Arnie will be playing a rival mercenary in the movie The Expendables, where his and Stallone's character are talking to Bruce Willis about the job that Stallone's team end up taking
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