District 13 Ultimatum Movie Review


District 13 Ultimatum is the sequel to District 13 or Banlieu 13 which is of course the French title for the movie which is where the movie hails from.  District 13 Ultimatum is written and produced by French mega producer Luc Besson and directed by Patrick Alessandrin in stylish and kinetic fashion and see the films original buddy duo, David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli return as Leito and Damien.

District 13 Ultimatum has a plot, and while is not a complex plot it definitely is better than your typical action movie storyline and has some relevance to real life and prejudices and how people are treated but to look to far into the plot in this movie is really not the idea.  At it’s heart District 13 Ultimatum is a buddy movie and in true buddy movie fashion, we start the first half of the movie with Leito and Damien living in their own separate worlds until a plot is uncovered to demolish District 13 for monetary value and the two buddies find themselves working together again to find the evidence necessary to destroy the bad guys.

The original District 13 was great, it was full on action movie with a buddy theme lots of humour and banter and a fairly wafer thin plot that came second to the truly amazing action and parkour scenes in the movie.  Casting one of the original Parkour creators David Belle was a great idea and in the second movie they haven’t strayed to far from the original path but there is no doubt, this movie is a step up in class from the original.  The Set design and cinematography is much improved and the District now has a real life of its own mixed with a great soundtrack and the set pieces this is a great action movie that is surely going to be a cult classic just like the original.

Action junkies should apply.