District 13 Ultimatum Movie Review

district_13_ultimatum_1_thumbnail.jpg District 13 Ultimatum is the sequel to District 13 or Banlieu 13 which is of course the French title for the movie which is where the movie hails from. District 13 Ultimatum is written and produced by French mega producer Luc Besson and directed by Patrick Alessandrin in stylish and kinetic fashion and see the films original buddy duo, David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli return as Leito and Damien
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From Paris with Love and Halloween 2 – Posted

from_paris_with_love_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted, our round up of some of the latest movie and film posters, we're taking a look at two interesting but widly different films. From Horror, with Rob Zombie returning behind the camera in the latest Michael Myers film, to an upcoming and very fun looking action movie co written by Luc Besson
From Paris With Love – Travolta and Besson

paris_with_love_1_thumbnail.jpg John Travolta is due back on the big screen this time starring in French movie From Paris With Love, written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak with influence from Pierre Morel the director of the sharp, snazzy and fast paced District B13
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The Transporter 3 – Trailer from nowhere

transporter_three_1_thumbnail.jpg Frank Martin is back, the man who gets stuff from A to B, no questions asked
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The Transporter – Rewind

transporter_1_thumbnail.jpg The Transporter is a Luc Besson produced movie starring Jason Statham and directed by Corey Yuen
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