James Cameron’s Avatar, Concept Art Released

avatar_1_thumbnail.jpg For everyone who's following James Cameron’s hotly anticipated next movie, Avatar, these recently released concept art images give us the best glimpse so far of the movie which is currently being kept under tight wraps. If you want to get the first look while watching the movie and fancy keeping Avatar all secretive and a surprise, you probably should read only this far
Death Race – Rewind

death_race_2_thumbnail.jpg Death Race is set in the year 2012 where the general population who are currently living in a recession are entertained in the double figure millions by a TV phenomenon. That TV phenomenon is Death Race and it's a gladiatorial style race/battle in cars and trucks, with the main aim to get through 3 races alive and in one piece. All the drivers are prisoners from serious crimes and if a driver wins five races in a row then they earn their freedom
Employee of the Month – Rewind

employee_of_the_month_1_thumbnail.jpg Employee of the month is set in the world of Super Club super store where buying in bulk is every human’s right! Why buy a packet or crisps when you can buy 2000 packets at once for a whopping 75% discount of the price
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Rewind

indy_temple_of_doom1_thumbnail.jpg In the second in our series of Indian Jones film reviews, we have the sequel in the production time line, but Temple of Doom is actually a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark being set in 1935 where Raiders was set in 1936
Raiders of the Lost Ark – Rewind

raiders_of_the_lost_ark_1_thumbnail.jpg Recently I’ve re watched the Indiana Jones films and noticed something’s I didn’t notice before good and bad, either way it’s been a blast, watching some of my favorite and most well loved movies
Xchange – Rewind

xchange_1_thumbnail.jpg Xchange is a 2000 science fiction story that is based on a technology created in the near future by a company call Xchange. They offer a service where humans can swap bodies with another, and can be there in person at a meeting half way across the world using this new technology
Johnny English – Rewind

johnny_english_1_thumbnail.jpg Johnny English is a parody on the James Bond films starring Rowan Ackinson as English
Posted on - July 16th, 2008 | Tags: , , , ,
Air Guitar Nation – Rewind

air_guitar_nation_1_thumbnail.jpg Air Guitaring is something you might do from time to time, but probably wouldn’t admit, well the stars of Air Guitar Nation are not all that worried.
Zodiac – Rewind

zodiac_2_thumbnail.jpg Zodiac is a movie by David Fincher, who has quite a back catalogue of stylish and dark thrillers with a penchant for shocks and gore
Posted on - April 18th, 2008 | Tags: , , , ,
The Transporter – Rewind

transporter_1_thumbnail.jpg The Transporter is a Luc Besson produced movie starring Jason Statham and directed by Corey Yuen
Posted on - March 25th, 2008 | Tags: , , ,
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