Rachel McAdams could be Spiderman’s Black Cat


News is spreading like wild fire that Rachel McAdams is in the running to play Black Cat in the upcoming Spiderman 4 movie directed by Sam Raimi. It’s not the first time that McAdams has been lined up to star in a Superhero movie, with her being in the running to play Pepper Pots in the Iron Man movie and now rumours of this. It would surely be a career boost in recognition for Rachel McAdams starring in a successful franchise like Spiderman, although with her role in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie this Christmas and her starring role in The Time Traveler’s Wife she might not need it.

So is Rachel the girl you want to see as Black Cat? Personally i think she would be great in the role, although Black Cat is an anti hero young lady with a bad history of boyfriends. Black Cat has no natural superpowers but in the comic does cut a deal with Kingpin to undergo a procedure that bestows superpowers on her, which later get lost, forcing her to create a suit which incorporates tools to give her new abilities, but at which stage she we be in the movie we don’t know you. She also have a relationship with Spiderman in the comics but again, it hasn’t been mentioned yet at which point in the Time line Black Cat will appear in the movies.

So there is nothing definite yet, but hopefully Raimi will get Rachel McAdams on board, more news as it appears.