Timecrimes Movie Review – Rewind

timecrimes_1_thumb.jpg Timecrimes is a 2007 science fiction movie that takes a novel approach on the idea of time travel following the characters of Hector played by Karra Elejalde. Hector starts the story sat on a chair in his garden with his wife played by Candela Fernandez who is just about to nip out to do some shopping, Hector notices something in the forest at the bottom of his garden and takes a look with his binoculars. Through the tree and bushes he sees the figure of a woman undressing in the forrest and he decides to go and check out what is going on
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Death Race – Rewind

death_race_2_thumbnail.jpg Death Race is set in the year 2012 where the general population who are currently living in a recession are entertained in the double figure millions by a TV phenomenon. That TV phenomenon is Death Race and it's a gladiatorial style race/battle in cars and trucks, with the main aim to get through 3 races alive and in one piece. All the drivers are prisoners from serious crimes and if a driver wins five races in a row then they earn their freedom
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Rewind

indy_temple_of_doom1_thumbnail.jpg In the second in our series of Indian Jones film reviews, we have the sequel in the production time line, but Temple of Doom is actually a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark being set in 1935 where Raiders was set in 1936
Air Guitar Nation – Rewind

air_guitar_nation_1_thumbnail.jpg Air Guitaring is something you might do from time to time, but probably wouldn’t admit, well the stars of Air Guitar Nation are not all that worried.
The Dead Pool – Rewind

dead_pool_thumbnail_1.jpg The third movie in the Dirty Harry series, the Dead Pool follows no nonsense cop Harry Callaghan played by Clint Eastwood. This is of course one of Eastwood’s most well known characters alongside his other trilogy crossing character the man with no name in Leone's Fistful of dollars movies
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Kung Fu Hustle – Rewind

kung_fu_hustle_thumbnail_1.jpg Kung Fu Hustle starts off as it means to go on in a grand, violent, quite brooding and often comical fashion, a movie mash up that really excels in a lot of areas. Kung fu Hustle is a movie directed by and Starring Stephen Chow, and has so many good things about it, it’s hard to cover them all
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Elf – Rewind

elf_thumbnail_1.jpg Elf is a Christmas movie, about an elf, or rather a human who thinks he's an elf, raised in the North Pole where Santa lives. Will Ferrell is the title character Buddy the elf, who travels to the United States to meet his real life father Walter Hobbs played by James Caan
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Mystery Men – Rewind

mystery_men_thumbnail_1.jpg Mystery Men pokes fun at the superhero genre as we follow the exploits of a group of wannabe super heroes who just aren’t very good at being superheroes. Constantly overshadowed by Captain Amazing who is the city’s well know crime fighter
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Timeline – Rewind

timeline_thumbnail_1.jpg Timeline was a movie that has one of the worst trailers I have ever seen in the history of cinema, I remember when I saw it I instantly though that this is a movie I should avoid at all costs. So it’s a few years down the line and while at the DVD rental store I was looking for a movie to go into a 3 DVD for one type of rental deal and I saw this
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Starship Troopers – Rewind

starship_troopers_thumbnail_1.jpg In the future the Earth is at war with the Alien bugs from Klendathu, and soldiers from the Earth’s military need to stop them. We follow the story of Johnny Rico who is just a student that joins the military along with the girl he’s dating to earn his full citizenship
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