Men in Black 3 – Sequel News


The Men in Black are set to return for the third movie in the series with rumours of both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones set to reprise their roles after both showing interest in returning to the characters.  The rumored release date for Men in Black 3 in sometime in 2011 so nothing is concrete yet, but here’s hoping that it more like the original which was a solid popcorn movie rather than the sequel which didn’t really light the screen on fire in any way shape or form.

Good news on that front is that Etan Cohen the writer for Tropic Thunder is on board and hopefully can piece together a script that is as funny as the latter.  Personally i think I’d watch a third movie just to see what it was like, which is possibly what distributors Sony will be banking on, and Will Smith is always a commercially reliable lead for any movie project hence his rather large paychecks.  Empire Online wrote a nice little piece as MIB 3 right here which if you have time you should go and take a look at, and if any further news appears we will be sure to keep you updated.  How does everyone feel about another Men in Black movie, or have we already had our memories erased enough times?