Rachel McAdams could be Spiderman’s Black Cat

black_cat_rachel_mcadams_1_thumbnail.jpg News is spreading like wild fire that Rachel McAdams is in the running to play Black Cat in the upcoming Spiderman 4 movie directed by Sam Raimi. It's not the first time that McAdams has been lined up to star in a Superhero movie, with her being in the running to play Pepper Pots in the Iron Man movie and now rumours of this. It would surely be a career boost in recognition for Rachel McAdams starring in a successful franchise like Spiderman, although with her role in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie this Christmas and her starring role in The Time Traveler's Wife she might not need it
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Spiderman 3 Movie details

spiderman_3_thumb_1.jpg Its just over 5 months till the 3rd Spiderman is due for a worldwide release on the 04th May 2007. Sam Raimi is directing again and the promotion machine has been going into overdrive, new posters, trailers and behind the scenes shots. The posters have been catching my eye for a few days now, with the arrival of venom the posters are dark and often monochromatic really moody i like them.
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