Law Abiding Citizen – Movie Trailer

law_abiding_citizen_1_thumbnail.jpg Law Abiding Citizen is an upcoming movie starring Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx and Leslie Bibb. The story centers on Butlers character Clyde Shelton whose wife and daughter are killed when two men invade their house during the night. One of the men is sentenced to death and the other is let off on condition of cooperation with the district attorney's office, this provokes Shelton to exact his own revenge and seek his own justice
Gamer trailer now released – Watch here

gamer_movie_trailer_thumbnail.jpg Gamer the upcoming futuristic online game where players control prison inmates in real world combat situations has its first trailer release. Definitely a movie for the online first person shooter playing fans, gamer has fairly unoriginal plot line that seemingly looks to be borrowing quite a lot of its plot from Death Race 2000 where the combatants in the game are actually death row prison inmates who though playing the game have a chance to have their sentences overturned
Gamer – Futuristic online gaming gets a little more real

gamer_1_thumbnail.jpg Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor the writer/directors who came up with the very full on movie Crank, have turned out another slightly off the wall movie concept in upcoming movie Gamer starring Gerard Butler. The title should give something away in what appears to be a take on the game show style movies we have seen before with a new twist bringing the movie format up to date for the online generation
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Rocknrolla review

rocknrolla_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Rocknrolla is Guy Ritchie’s latest foray into his most successful genre, the comedy gangster movie, sporting a well thought out plotline, lots of silly character names and some embarrassing situations
RocknRolla Reviews Ride in

rocknrolla_reviews_1_thumbnails.jpg RocknRolla Guy Ritchie’s latest London underbelly gangster flick is nearly due out and slowly but surely the reviews are starting to come in. So, and this is the question, after 2 less than good films in Swept Away and Revolver, has the magic come back
RocknRolla – Behind the scenes video

rocknrolla_3_thumbnail.jpg RocknRolla for those who don’t know, is Guy Ritchie’s new London gangster caper movie, with a popular cast
Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla all set for trilogy status

rocknrolla_2_thumbnail.jpg Guy Ritchie’s upcoming RocknRolla is all set to become a trilogy according to leading lady Thandie Newton
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RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie is back

rocknrolla_thumbnail_1.jpg Lock Stock & Two Smoking barrels was the most stylish British movie to turn up in ages back in 1998, it was also a big hit and rightly so
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Timeline – Rewind

timeline_thumbnail_1.jpg Timeline was a movie that has one of the worst trailers I have ever seen in the history of cinema, I remember when I saw it I instantly though that this is a movie I should avoid at all costs. So it’s a few years down the line and while at the DVD rental store I was looking for a movie to go into a 3 DVD for one type of rental deal and I saw this
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Hellboy 2, Saw 4 & Beowulf – Posted

hellboy_2_posted_thumbnail_1.jpg This week we go from comic book sequel to horror movie no 4 in the Saw franchise and end up on a 3d blockbuster based on the Beowulf and Grendel Fable. So a nice mix of posters with a good variety of styles.
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