Sam Mendes rumoured to be the next Bond director

james_bond_23_thumb.jpg Good news for the Bond franchise, well possibly good news, with Sam Mendes rumoured to be in the running for the directing mantle on the next James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is returning once again in a role he has successfully made his own, after an explosive start in the brilliant Casino Royale and a decent outing in the slightly lacking Quantum of Solace
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Danny Boyle license to direct – Bond Rumors

james_bond_danny_boyle_thumbnail.jpg Combine two of my favorite things in the film world, Danny Boyle movies and James Bond movies and what do you get? I can simply tell you that you could probably get my favorite Bond movie of all time
Quantum of Solace smashes previous records

quantum_of_solace_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg Quantum of Solace has on general received above average reviews around the world, not quite as astounding as Casino Royale but that somewhat to be expected. Regardless the latest Bond movie is racking up money at the box office in its opening weekend in the UK
Quantum of Solace new trailer

quantum_of_solace_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg James Bond's upcoming outing, the Quantum of Solace now has a full trailer out. If the trailer is anything to go by the latest Bond movie which see's Daniel Craig reprising his role as the new tougher and brawnier version of Ian Flemmings chraracter
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New Quantum of Solace trailer

quantum_of_solace_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg The new Quantum of Solace trailer was released yesterday on the official James Bond - Quantum of Solace site
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Juno, The Quantum of Solace and Jack Brooks – Monster Slayer – Posted

juno_1_posted_thumbnail.jpg This week we have another selection of movie posters to treat your eyes with, or not as the case may be. The posters today are covering sequel territory, low budget action horror and some well written and highly applauded comedy
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Bond 22 is no more, now – The Quantum of Solace

quantum_of_solace_1_thumbnail.jpg I’m not sure what I think of it yet, and it's not your typical Bond movie title but the Quantum of Solace is, well, it’s original at least
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Bond 22 – Bond girls cast

bond_22_girls_1_thumbnail.jpg Bond 22 is still untitled but things are looking on track for the direct sequel to Casino Royale which was Bond's more recent and highly successful outing. With many things remaining unchanged from last time, hopefully the 22nd Bond film will be another good movie
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Bond will be back – James Bond 22

james_bond_22_thumbnail_1.jpg The follow up Bond movie to the highly successful series reinvention Casino Royale is due out in 2008. Daniel Craig is back as 007 the British secret agent James Bond. Interestingly enough for a Bond movie we have almost a direct sequel as the story actually continues on from Casino Royale
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Casino Royale highest Bond earner

casino_royale_thumbnail_4.jpg Casino Royale is a real success, the pressure that was building has dissipated completely and transformed into a nice little earner, the BBC website reported this news today.
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