Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris back on screen together in TMI

tmi_1_thumbnail.jpg Good news for comedy fans, because Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds are due to team up again on the big screen. If you haven't seen Anna Faris in Just Friends then your missing out on a treat, her and Reynolds looked great on screen together and had the quirkiest and in my opinion funniest moment of the movie together
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Green lantern Casting News and Characters

the_green_lantern_movie_2_thumbnail.jpg With the Green Lantern all set to go now and Ryan Reynolds locked in to star as Hal Jordan the Green Lantern news is now appearing of some of the other characters that are going to be in the upcoming superhero flick
Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds Set to Star

the_green_lantern_movie_1_thumb.jpg The Green Lantern, the DC Comics superhero has it's leading man, Ryan Reynolds is due to be the Green Lantern in the Warner Bros upcoming movie based around the popular and long running superhero
X-Men Origins – Wolverine, Cast Photo and news

xmen_origins_wolverine_2_thumbnail.jpg With the release date for this summer’s re-entry to the X-Men universe looming close, the marketing for X-Men Origins - Wolverine is sure to be ramped up to insane levels. In reality this film doesn't require that much marketing, with a solid fan base from the comics and the very successful series, it's doubtful Wolverine will fail regardless of the quality of the movie
X-Men Origins – Wolverine – Trailer and news

xmen_origins_wolverine_1_thumbnail.jpg If you haven't seen the full trailer for the upcoming X-Men Origins - Wolverine, then now is a perfect time to check it out, jam packed full of snippets of info about the story and some pretty impressive action sequences
The Nines – Review

the_nines_2_thumbnail.jpg The Nines is a complex and though provoking movie that is split into 3 separate stories, that all feature the same actors, Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy and Hope Davis playing different roles
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The Nines – Nine minute clip and details

nines_thumbnail_1.jpg The Nines first came to light at the Sundance film festival earlier this year, and after seeing a nine minute clip (get what they did there,) from the start of the movie, it looks pretty intreuging.
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Smokin Aces – Review

smoke_aces_thumbnail_1.jpg Smokin Aces, I always type it Smoking Aces, but it’s definitely Smokin. There is actually a lot of smoke in this movie, guns too, but the Aces come from the man who everyone wants, Buddy 'Aces' Israel.
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Smokin Aces Trailer

smokin_aces_thumbnail_1.jpg Smoking Aces looks stylish and bold, i hadn't heard anything about it until a couple of weeks ago, so now i'm pretty excited
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