My Name is Bruce Movie Review

my-name-is-bruce-thumbnail-1.jpg My Name is Bruce isn't new but I'm reviewing it anyway! Starring of course Bruce Campbell, My Name is Bruce is a movie that crosses the lines of reality and film in a way we've seen before but not with Bruce Campbell. The story follows a rabid Bruce Campbell fan Jeff, that just happens to stumble upon and release an ancient Chinese god of the dead, Guan-Di, who kills his friends and their dates leaving Jeff running for his life. The release of Guan-Di means that Jeff's town, Gold Lick in Oregon, his family and friends, and the rest of the towns folk are in danger. Of course Jeff having watched numerous Bruce Campbell movies believes that Bruce is the man to save his town.
The Crazies Movie Trailer

the_crazies_2_thumb.jpg The 2010 upcoming remake and re-imagining of George A Romero's The Crazies has it's first trailer out, and stars Timophy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell in the lead roles of David and Judy Dutton. The Dutton's find themselves in the middle of a very strange situation when their small town in Iowa is hit by a mysterious plague that infects the locals through the water supply
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Trick ‘r Treat Sequel is a Possibility

trick_r_treat_6_thumbnail.jpg Great news for fans of the very cool and entertaining Halloween themed anthology movie Trick 'r Treat. It seems that Micheal Dougherty, writer and directer of Trick R Treat is already making plans for a second movie, with the story ideas already partly laid out in case they go ahead with a sequel
The Wolfman – Benecio del Toro gets hairy with new trailer

the_wolfman_2_thumbnail.jpg The upcoming remake of The Wolfman starring Benecio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, has been pushed back on its release date again. The Wolfman is now due to hit out screens in February 2010 but it's not all bad news as Universal has brought us a new trailer for the upcoming period werewolf flick
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Trick ‘r Treat – Horror Trailer and News

trick_r_treat_1_thumbnail.jpg Trick 'r Treat is an upcoming horror release, set to hid DVD and Blu-ray on the 27th of October 2009, it complies a series of five related Halloween spooky and scary stories, with the central theme being the appearance of one character called Sam a small trick or treater dressed in a pumpkin mask
Zombies, everyone loves them, even Ron Perlman – New Zombie Movie Gatekeeper

gatekeeper_1_thumb.jpg Zombie fans rejoice, the upcoming Zombie thriller Gatekeeper has just named its cast and everyone favorite red demon playing, guillermo Del Toro starring Ron Perlman is onboard. The rest of the Gatekeeper cast includes Lea Thompson and Matt 'O' Leary and Jana Kramer
Megan Fox Starring in Jennifer’s Body – Supernatural Dark Horror

jennifers_body_1_thumb.jpg Jennifer’s Body has a great mix, Megan Fox, Supernatural horror and some dark comedy action. Jennifer’s Body is also written by Diablo Cody who crafter the very popular Juno, and from all accounts Jennifer’s Body is in a similar tone to the classic dark comedy Heathers
Surveillance Movie Trailer

Surveillance_movie_3_thumbnail.jpg Surveillance is a movie that seems to have completely slipped past me unnoticed, i haven't heard seen or read anything about it and i'm wondering why that is. Surveillance is the second movie by Jennifer Lynch, you probably recognize the name because she is the daughter of film director David Lynch, and from the trailer of Surveillance it looks as though film making is in the blood
Joss Whedon does movie horror – The Cabin in the Woods

cabin_in_the_woods_thumbnail.jpg Joss Whedon’s upcoming 2010 horror shocker, The Cabin in the Woods has so far been successfully shrouded by mystery with no definitive plot lines or cast lists being released. So far the only storyline we have is that a group of kids visit a cabin in the um woods. Yes amazing I know!
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The Crazies old and new posters – Posted

posted_crazies_header_thumbnail.jpg The upcoming remake of the Crazies which we’ve already covered here in recent days is this week’s feature in Posted. We have the original poster from the 1973 The Crazies and we also have the new 2009 remake posters so we can look at the contrasting styles from then till now
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