Diary of the Dead – News and trailer

dairy_of_the_dead_2_thumbnail.jpg George A Romero's upcoming zombie movie Diary of the Dead is now in full promotional swing. There are a few videos out now with teaser snippets and the new full official trailer for Dawn of the Dead, which you can take a look at here
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More Kung Fu Panda – Po and the gang are back with a trailer

kung_fu_panda_5_thumbnail.jpg The Kung Fu Panda movie is due out in summer 2008, so for all you animated movie fans we have a trailer right here
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More X – Files 2 News – Cast and story details

XFiles_3_thumbnail.jpg Some more details on the X Files movie have slipped out including news on the cast for the upcoming movie. FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are due to be accompanied by a couple of new FBI agents played by Xzbit and Amanda Peet
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The Thing, The Grudge & The Descent – Posted special horror edition

posted_the_descent_1_thumbnail.jpg This is a special edition of posted as we pay respect to that staple of the horror title genre. The leading ‘The’. Many horror and shocker movies over the years have made use of this useful precursor, including such movies going back as far as 1915 with a movie called The Golem. Recently we have had plenty of movies taking use including The Grudge, The Ring, The Hole and The Descent
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Underworld 3 – Rise of the Lycans – Prequel news and cast details

underworld_3_1_thumbnail.jpg It was way back in 2006 when the prequel to the first two Underworld movies was announced by the director Len Wiseman
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Be Kind Rewind – Trailer, news and some serious sweding

be_kind_rewind_1_thumbnail.jpg Be Kind Rewind is a Michel Gondry directed film, whose well known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a few other things. The stars of Be Kind Rewind However are Jack Black and Mos Def who play Jerry and Mike who the story revolves around
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The Signal – News and The Signal trailer

signal_3_thumbnail.jpg The Signal now has a trailer available for all those interested in this promising and much touted, indie horror, shocker, thinker, romance, comedy and thriller movie
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Strange Wilderness – Movie news and trailer

strange_wilderness_thumbnail_1.jpg Strange Wilderness is due out in February 2008 and looks like its going to be a pretty solid yet goofy comedy. The film follows the stars and crew of the TV show 'Strange Wilderness' which features some rather unorthodox approaches to covering nature and wildlife
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