J.J Abrams Star Trek – Teaser trailer

star_trek_1_thumbnail.jpg The First teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek movie is now out, to get all the excited fans hyped about this one. Lots of online news has been floating around regarding the new Star Trek for months now
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10,000 BC, Sex and the City & The Bank Job – Posted

ten_thousand_bc_1_posted_thumbnail.jpg This week we have another selection of up and coming movie posters from Prehistoric hunters in 10,000 BC, true life bank robberies in the Bank Job and the often talked about, and much delayed ,Sex in the City movie
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The Nines – Review

the_nines_2_thumbnail.jpg The Nines is a complex and though provoking movie that is split into 3 separate stories, that all feature the same actors, Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy and Hope Davis playing different roles
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Bond 22 is no more, now – The Quantum of Solace

quantum_of_solace_1_thumbnail.jpg I’m not sure what I think of it yet, and it's not your typical Bond movie title but the Quantum of Solace is, well, it’s original at least
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Red Eye – Rewind

red_eye_1_thumbnail.jpg Wes Craven is a horror maestro, despite my reservations about some of his earlier movies. With the mega successful Freddy Krueger series and the Scream franchise under his belt, Craven goes for the more mature audience with this tense thriller, starring Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams
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Doomsday is getting closer – New trailer

doomsday_2_thumbnail.jpg The official Doomsday site now has a brand new trailer for Neil Marshall’s upcoming post apocalyptic thriller. Doomsday is due for an early 2008 release all around the world and with Marshall’s steadily increasing experience and budget's this could be a good all out action thrill ride
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All time worldwide box office trends

highest_grossing_1_thumbnail.jpg If you take a look at the listings for the worldwide Box office rankings your pretty quickly notice some interesting things going on. First of all is that the makers of Titanic must have been pretty upset about the lack of sequel opportunity, as Titanic sits right on top of the money making tree
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The Happening – M. Night Shyamalan Posted special

the_happening_2_posted_thumbnail.jpg From what I can tell everyone is excited about M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, The Happening. To be honest it’s hard not to be, love him or hate him, Shyamalan has made some interesting movies and a couple of not so interesting ones. Regardless he always sparks discussion and hopefully this one will be back on form
The Golden Globe award winners 2008

golden_globes_2008_thumbnail.jpg The 65th Golden Globe awards have announced their winners late last night, with some interesting choices across the board. With the Globes often giving a glimpse of what is to come for the future award ceremonies, you should get a good idea of what to expect at the Oscar's and the Bafta's
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Bond 22 – Bond girls cast

bond_22_girls_1_thumbnail.jpg Bond 22 is still untitled but things are looking on track for the direct sequel to Casino Royale which was Bond's more recent and highly successful outing. With many things remaining unchanged from last time, hopefully the 22nd Bond film will be another good movie
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