Underworld 3 – Rise of the Lycans – Prequel news and cast details


It was way back in 2006 when the prequel to the first two Underworld movies was announced by the director Len Wiseman. Well has reported some new details on the cast for Underworld 3. Bill Nighy is back as Viktor, one of the best parts in the original movies, Shane Brolly will return as Kraven, Michael Sheen will portray Lucian once again, and finally Rhona Mitra will be joining the cast as Lucian’s Secret girl friend Sonja.

I’m glad that Nighy is back for this prequel, as he really added some serious venom and weight to the earlier films as one of the vampire elders. Rhona Mitra should also be an interesting and pretty addition to the cast, she’s been busy of late with quite a lot of smaller parts in bigger movies. Kate Beckinsdale won’t be back this time and we are also losing the director from the first two Underworld movies Len Wiseman, who will be replaced by the Special effects man Patrick Tatopoulos, who also worked on the last two movies

Underworld 3 has been given a preliminary title, Underworld – Rise of the Lycans, and the story features more on the viewpoint from their side, mainly through the eyes of Michael Sheen’s character Lucian, one of the Lycan leaders. Set before the two existing Underworld movies it will document the struggle between the Vampires and their slaves the Lycans.