Strange Wilderness – Movie news and trailer


Strange Wilderness is due out in February 2008 and looks like its going to be a pretty solid yet goofy comedy. The film follows the stars and crew of the TV show ‘Strange Wilderness’ which features some rather unorthodox approaches to covering nature and wildlife. The main star is Steve Zahn playing Peter Gaulke who along with the rest of the crew have to find a way to bring the show back from a serious ratings decline. The crew of Strange Wilderness have only one option to work together and find something so interesting in nature that everyone will be back watching their show. They go in search for the most elusive beast out there, the Bigfoot.

The trailer for Strange Wilderness is now showing and if you like this particular brand of comedy you might find it good for a few laughs. We get to see the Strange Wilderness crew putting together wildlife footage, with some hastily written dialogue that is not going to win them any awards for factual information. If the rest of the film measures up we could be in line for a early 2008 fun comedy movie.

Take a look at the trailers for Strange Wilderness here over at the official Apple site