More X – Files 2 News – Cast and story details


Some more details on the X Files movie have slipped out including news on the cast for the upcoming movie. FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are due to be accompanied by a couple of new FBI agents played by Xzbit and Amanda Peet. If you a fan of Pimp my ride you will already know Xzbit, I haven’t seen it myself so I’m reserving judgment so far. But he has been in a few serious things as well, including CSI and a movie called Derailed. The pretty Amanda Peet has been in lots of movies, too many to mention, and should fit in nicely with the X Files scenario.

All the cast news was picked up from Eonline where they also talked about Billy Connelly making an appearance in the film, but no details on what his role would be. If you have seen his stand up though you would know he could play a great crazy abductee, supernaturally gifted person or even a high powered FBI agent, though i expect it will lean towards the former two.

As for the movie title I don’t think X files 2 will stick, they will surely pick a tagline name for it similar to the first movie it just hasn’t been announced yet. The story this time round is due to focus on supernatural elements rather than the alien mythology which should make it easier to pick up a new generation of viewers.