Diary of the Dead – News and trailer


George A Romero’s upcoming zombie movie Diary of the Dead is now in full promotional swing. There are a few videos out now with teaser snippets and the new full official trailer for Dawn of the Dead, which you can take a look at here. All the current buzz about Dairy of the Dead is seemingly good, with solid reviews all round. After the good but just not amazing Land of the Dead the series needed a bit of a reinvention, well Diary has a new twist in the story, as we follow a group of students who’s class assignment turns into a documentary, they begin to record everything that is happening around them. This approach kind of encompasses something new for Romero, as this movie focuses on the media aspect of what happens in a crisis situation.

Diary of the Dead has been compared to the Blair Witch Project more than a few times from the articles I’ve read and taking the movie in this direction i expect will probably breathe a little new life into it. Diary is due for release everywhere mid February 2008. If you wish to read a little more go check out the official Myspace site which has loads of news and info about the movie.

Diary of the Dead official Myspace page