The Signal – News and The Signal trailer


The Signal now has a trailer available for all those interested in this promising and much touted, indie horror, shocker, thinker, romance, comedy and thriller movie. The Signal is a movie with a suitable title. In the city a strange signal is getting broadcast, and on New Years Eve it’s having a strange effect on everyone around the city.

The Signal looks as though it’s going to be one of the low budget indie hits of the year, after being through a host of delays since its initial screening at the Sundance film festival. Take a look at some of the attached media for the signal below, including the trailer and film synopsis for those of you looking for more detail.


Official Synopsis for The Signal
‘It’s New Year’s Eve in the city of Terminus and chaos is this year’s resolution. All forms of communication have been jammed by an enigmatic transmission that preys on fear and desire driving everyone in the city to murder and madness. In a place once marked by conformity but now sent into complete anarchy, the rebellious Ben must save the woman he loves from the bedlam in the streets as well as her crazed sadistic husband. But the only way he can tell who to trust or who has given in to violence is by uncovering the true nature of The Signal.’

‘Told in three parts from three unique perspectives by three visionary directors, The Signal was originally conceived as an experimental film project called Exquisite Corpse where one filmmaker would begin a story then hand it off to another filmmaker to continue and then to another and so on until the movie was complete. The story eventually took shape and evolved into a scifi/ horror/thriller that imagines a world where everyday anxieties become the catalyst for inhuman terror. The Signal is a horrific journey towards discovering that the most brutal monster might actually be within all of us.’

The Signal Movie Trailer