The Descent Part 2 – Trailer

the_descent_part_two_thumbnail.jpg The Descent was one of the most edge of your seat tense movies that I've watched and while i was biting my nails to pieces i was also unable to stop watching and by the end of that year it was probably my most recommended movie to anyone who hadn't seen it. The Descent actually went down pretty well everywhere and for a low budget English movie directed by Neil Marshall it did great business which of course means that the inevitable sequel was always a possibility
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Doomsday – Review

doomsday_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Neill Marshall returns to the big screen with Doomsday, his first feature film since the highly successful The Descent
New Neil Marshall project underway – Sacriledge

neil_marshall_sacriledge_1_thumbnail.jpg Neil Marshall the Dog Soldiers, The Descent and the soon to be released Doomsday director already has his next project lined up
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Doomsday is getting closer – New trailer

doomsday_2_thumbnail.jpg The official Doomsday site now has a brand new trailer for Neil Marshall’s upcoming post apocalyptic thriller. Doomsday is due for an early 2008 release all around the world and with Marshall’s steadily increasing experience and budget's this could be a good all out action thrill ride
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The Thing, The Grudge & The Descent – Posted special horror edition

posted_the_descent_1_thumbnail.jpg This is a special edition of posted as we pay respect to that staple of the horror title genre. The leading ‘The’. Many horror and shocker movies over the years have made use of this useful precursor, including such movies going back as far as 1915 with a movie called The Golem. Recently we have had plenty of movies taking use including The Grudge, The Ring, The Hole and The Descent
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