The Thing, The Grudge & The Descent – Posted special horror edition


This is a special edition of posted as we pay respect to that staple of the horror title genre. The leading ‘The’. Many horror and shocker movies over the years have made use of this useful precursor, including such movies going back as far as 1915 with a movie called The Golem. Recently we have had plenty of movies taking use including The Grudge, The Ring, The Hole and The Descent.

So today were gonna take a look back at some horror movies using this name format. First up is The Thing a classic horror movie that’s been an influence on many things, including an episode from the X files 1st series. John Carpenter created a tense knife edge atmosphere, in the icy outpost. The special effects nearly eclipsed the acting but it all held together in one of people’s favourites from John Carpenter. The Thing was released back in 1982, and we covered a rewind review of it not to long ago, singing its praises.

The Grudge is one of those rare movies that gets a remake in another region. First released in Japan as Ju-on The Grudge, and a massive horror hit there and also a cult hit in other regions. The Grudge was then remade for western audiences yet much of the style was kept intact. However the movie itself, while stylish and visually interesting was to far fetched to really take too seriously. Good posters get you excited about a movie and this one was scary in all of its versions, here we have one of the original Japanese posters, which i prefer over the American later versions. A little extra snippet for you all is that The Grudge 3 is on its way and is due to start filming early this year.

The Descent was Neil Marshall’s second full length feature movie and like his previous, Dog Soldiers, it was low budget with a heavy dose of chases, suspense, tough characters and fair old smattering of blood and guts. The Descent was hide behind the sofa scary at points, it was a jumper and with a tense claustrophobic atmosphere it had your gripped from start to finish. I really like some of The Descent posters, but the one here is my favourite as it has some nice shapes and design features, and is vastly different in design from the others. For fans of The Descent, there is supposed to be a sequel coming out but Marshall has stated that he wont be directing and is currently busy working on Doomsday.