Be Kind Rewind – Trailer, news and some serious sweding


Be Kind Rewind is a Michel Gondry directed film, whose well known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a few other things. The stars of Be Kind Rewind however are Jack Black and Mos Def who play Jerry and Mike, the main characters who the story revolves around. The basic plotline in Be Kind Rewind is that Jerry works in a scrap yard, he believes that the nearby power plant is melting his brain and while coming up with a solution/protection, he creates a magnetic field around himself. Jerry then puts his buddy Mike in trouble by managing to erase all the videotapes in the store that Mike works at, because of his newly acquired personal magnetic field. At least his brain didn’t melt.

This is where Be Kind Rewind could be interesting because the film now revolves around Jerry and Mike having to satisfy their loyal customers. They start shooting their own versions of the movies that were erased in the magnetic field incident. This is a just a random concept in itself and will surely appeal to movie fans. Soon their homemade ‘Sweded’ videos become so popular Jerry and Mike are stars in their own neighborhood which soon attracts them some unwanted attention due to all the copywrite violations and laws they are breaking.

And if you not sure what swede (or sweded) means then take a look at the Be Kind Rewind homepage it’s quite funny.

Be Kind Rewind Official Homepage