My Name is Bruce Movie Review

my-name-is-bruce-thumbnail-1.jpg My Name is Bruce isn't new but I'm reviewing it anyway! Starring of course Bruce Campbell, My Name is Bruce is a movie that crosses the lines of reality and film in a way we've seen before but not with Bruce Campbell. The story follows a rabid Bruce Campbell fan Jeff, that just happens to stumble upon and release an ancient Chinese god of the dead, Guan-Di, who kills his friends and their dates leaving Jeff running for his life. The release of Guan-Di means that Jeff's town, Gold Lick in Oregon, his family and friends, and the rest of the towns folk are in danger. Of course Jeff having watched numerous Bruce Campbell movies believes that Bruce is the man to save his town.
The Dead Movie Review

the-dead-movie-review-thumb-1.jpg The Dead is an old school zombie movie, that bucks the recent trend of humour in favour of pure serious zombie action. We join the story as the movie main protagonist Brian Murphy, played by Rob Freeman, who is an Air Force Engineer in the American army, is on a plane going down over Africa. The situation is that part of Africa is suffering from a zombie outbreak, we don't know why, and we follow Murphy as he tries to find out a way out of the gloom. Along the way Murphy teams up with an African Sergeant Daniel Dembele, who are both slightly untrusting but in the current situation, they have to work together
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Bong of the Dead Movie Review

bong-of-the-dead-1-thumb.jpg Bong of the Dead is a zombie stoner movie that adds a twist to the popular genre, instead of your audience running away from the zombies the characters in Bong of the Dead want to get closer to the zombies! Tommy and Edwin are living in a spare world, much of the population has been wiped out after meteorites hit Earth causing a zombie outbreak. The two stoners are running low on weed supplies and by chance figure out that by using zombie brain as a fertilizer they can grow weed much faster! This starts the quest for Tommy and Edwin to road trip it up to the Dead Zone, in search of more zombie brains as fertilizer
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Buried Movie Review

buried-movie-review-1-thumb.jpg Buried is the work of spanish director Rodrigo Cortes and stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role as Paul Conroy a truck driver from the US working in Iraq who manages to find himself trapped in a coffin, tied up and completely unsure of how he got there or why he is there. Buried is a pretty unique movie that makes the most of its low budget premise. The whole movie is filmed enterily in the coffin with just a few props to keep the story ticking over, like a Blackberry phone, a lighter some glowsticks and of course the main character
limitless Movie Review

limitless-movie-review-1-thumb.jpg Limitless is one of those movies that really got under promoted, wrongly promoted or I just damn well missed all the hype when it was released, and yes, surprisingly it is actually pretty damn good. Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie a down on his luck writer, living in a dump that he can't afford rent on and is just about to get ditched by his girlfriend Lindy, played by Abbie Cornish
Inside Job – Movie Review

inside_job_movie_review_thumb.jpg Inside Job is a documentary by Charles Ferguson that goes into great detail regarding the global financial meltdown of 2008 which was the result of various changes in the financial sector that ultimately had worldwide impact. For anyone that is currently feeling the pinch or living in the recession this movie is a must watch documentary that shows how a few people got rich at the expense of everyone else
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Centurion Movie Review

centurion_review_1_thumb.jpg Centurion is director Neil Marshall's fourth movie and my favourite of his so far. Centurion follows the story of the legendary Roman Ninth Legion who in 114 AD were in the Scottish Highlands during the invasion of Britain the legion find themselves in a war with the local Picts, the Celtic dwellers of the Highlands
The Losers – Movie Review

the_losers_1_thumb.jpg The Losers follows the story of five Special Forces operatives who during a mission in Bolivia find themselves unable to carry out their mission because the lives of innocent children will be taken if they do. When they stray from their instructions given by Max, who they only know via radio contact, they find their escape helicopter shot down by Max who then believes he has killed them due to their unwillingness to follow his direct orders
Timecrimes Movie Review – Rewind

timecrimes_1_thumb.jpg Timecrimes is a 2007 science fiction movie that takes a novel approach on the idea of time travel following the characters of Hector played by Karra Elejalde. Hector starts the story sat on a chair in his garden with his wife played by Candela Fernandez who is just about to nip out to do some shopping, Hector notices something in the forest at the bottom of his garden and takes a look with his binoculars. Through the tree and bushes he sees the figure of a woman undressing in the forrest and he decides to go and check out what is going on
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Zombieland – Movie Review

zombieland_1_thumbnail.jpg Zombieland is of course a zombie movie, and if you have seen the trailer you will know what it's all about, if you haven't seen the trailer then you should check it out because its a really great trailer filled with moments that will make you think, hey i wanna see this movie! Zombieland stars Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus a college student who after the zombie plague hits is trying to make his way to Columbus, Ohio to see if his parents and family are still alive, not that he is very close to them, or anyone for that matter as Columbus is a bit of a loner
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