More Live Action Ghost in the Shell News

ghost_in_the_shell_live_2_thumbnail.jpg More news has surfaced regarding the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Live action movie, which is not necessarily something that really needs to be made for anyone who has seen the original, but for those people that absolutely refuse to even watch 1 minute of animation but like their science fiction, then Ghost in the Shell has the potential to be a whole new live action movie experience that could blow their mind
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Bubblegum Crisis making the live action crossover, what do you think?

bubblegum_crisis_live_action_thumbnail.jpg Bubblegum Crisis is the latest Japanese anime to be getting the big screen live action makeover, this time though its not quite as straight forward as you may think. While Bubblegum Crisis became a cult hit after it's 1987 straight to video release it appears that the weight is being spread with the investment on this adaptation
Cowboy Bebop live action casting discussion

cowboy_bebop_casting1_thumbnail.jpg When I first heard they were making a live action version of Cowboy Bebop, one of my favorite anime’s I was part excited and part disappointed. Firstly the TV series of Bebop was damn near perfect with some great stories, seriously cool music, lots of action and a sprinkling of comedy all rolled into one. Next came the Cowboy Bebop anime movie, still very cool with an updated budget and slightly classier looking than the original TV series but not quite as interesting a story as the best we saw in the series
Blood: The Last Vampire – Anime to live action movie adaptation

blood_the_last_vampire_1_thumbnail.jpg Blood: The Last Vampire is a 2000 Japanese anime featuring a presumed 400 year old female human/vampire hybrid known as a halfling. Her name is Saya and her intention is to rid the world of vampires using her katana and martial arts to end their lives
Cowboy Bebop and Keanu team up

cowboy_bebop_casting_keanu_1_thumbnail.jpg Cowboy Bebop was one of my favourite anime's, upbeat adventures starring a group of bounty hunters who kick ass and also get their asses kicked. All backed by a seriously funky jazz soundtrack, and facial expressions that are just impossible to immitate
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Cowboy Bebop Live action movie on the way

cowboy_bebop_movie_thumbnail.jpg One of mine, and many other people's favourite anime series Cowboy Bebop is reported to be making its way into a live action big screen movie
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Live action Akira is on its way in 2009

akira_2_thumbnail.jpg With news sprouting up everywhere, regarding the live action version of the Japanese animation classic Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, lets take a look at what information is currently out there
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Ghost in the Shell – Solid State Society – Review

gits_solid_state_thumbnail_1.jpg Ghost is the Shell has been around for a while as a franchise, with 3 movies, and 2 TV series to its name. The Ghost in the Shell world is set in the future around 2034 in a time when technology is far advanced and the human brain is shipped about in synthetic bodies
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