Skyfall Trailer – James Bond Returns

skyfall-james-bond-1-thumb.jpg James Bond returns to the big screen this year with Skyfall, and we have the new trailer right here for you. Due to hit the big screens on the 26th October 2012, Skyfall is the twenty third movie in the long running James Bond series. Of course Daniel Craig is back as the lead character and secret service agent James Bond.
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Is 3D TV Worth It?

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Daybreakers Movie Trailer – Upcoming Vampire Film With a Twist

daybreakers_1_thumbnail.jpg The upcoming Vampire movie Daybreakers, now has a trailer for you to check out. Daybreakers takes the Vampire story and puts a little twist on proceedings, with the Vampires being the majority in the world, rather than how they are portrayed in most films as the minority who live in hiding. Fast forward to the year 2019 where humans