X-Men First Class, Our Idiot Brother and What’s your Number – Movie Trailers

xmen_first_class_movie_trailer_thumb.jpg It's been a while since we did a round up of the latest movie trailers here at Movies Illustrated so without further ado we're bringing you 3 trailers for 3 very different movies. First up we have the trailer for the latest movie in the X-Men franchise, X-Men First Class
Yes Man – Film Review

yes_man_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Yes man is definitely a Jim Carrey movie, it has all the trademarks and while it’s not as slapstick as some previous films it’s still got that unmistakable taint. It doesn’t matter who directs or writes the films that Jim Carrey stars in he still ends up stealing the show and making the movie his own
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3 Christmas movies – 3 Things

3_things_xmas_special_thumbnail.jpg Its that time of year again were you are all busy running about, going crazy shopping and getting all your presents bought and wrapped. You probably also busy getting everything done at work ready for the festive period, with your workmates entering more and more heightened levels of stress and panic as festive mayhem kicks in
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The Happening – Review

the_happening_review_1_thumbnail.jpg A strange happening is moving across Philadelphia, seemingly targeting people in built up areas and causing them to act somewhat irrationally
The Happening – Posted Special

the_happening_posted_2_thumbnail.jpg This week we have another Posted special. This time it’s on the upcoming flick, The Happening. We are looking at three of the promotional posters for the upcoming film
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M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening movie trailer

the_happening_2_thumbnail.jpg We have already done a bit of coverage here at Movies Illustrated on the upcoming M. Night Shyalaman movie The Happening. But with the recent trailer for the movie here now, i guess its time to have another look at it
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The Happening – M. Night Shyamalan Posted special

the_happening_2_posted_thumbnail.jpg From what I can tell everyone is excited about M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, The Happening. To be honest it’s hard not to be, love him or hate him, Shyamalan has made some interesting movies and a couple of not so interesting ones. Regardless he always sparks discussion and hopefully this one will be back on form
The Happening release date – Shyamalan’s new movie

the_happening_thumbnail_1.jpg Friday the 13th a well known day and series of horror movies, well this is the day that in June 2008 we get to see M. Night Shyamalan new movie, The Happening. The Happening is a thriller that follows a biology teacher on the run from a huge disaster situation, as chaos begins to reign this man takes his family on the run
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Elf – Rewind

elf_thumbnail_1.jpg Elf is a Christmas movie, about an elf, or rather a human who thinks he's an elf, raised in the North Pole where Santa lives. Will Ferrell is the title character Buddy the elf, who travels to the United States to meet his real life father Walter Hobbs played by James Caan
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