Buried Movie Review

buried-movie-review-1.jpgBuried is the work of spanish director Rodrigo Cortes and stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role as Paul Conroy a truck driver from the US working in Iraq who manages to find himself trapped in a coffin, tied up and completely unsure of how he got there or why he is there.

Buried is a pretty unique movie that makes the most of its low budget premise. The whole movie is filmed enterily in the coffin with just a few props to keep the story ticking over, like a Blackberry phone, a lighter some glowsticks and of course the main character. Reynolds does a good job with a much more serious role than he normally dials in, and Cortes manages to keep the angles and shots fresh for most of the movie.

Buried is one of those movies that isn’t particulary easy to watch, it’s tense, claustraphobic and nail biting. The supporting cast of voices that are in the movie are interesting and sometimes shocking, and the thriller aspect to the movie is essentially about what Conroy is doing in the coffin, who put him there, and how he can get out of the predicament he finds himself in.

I would say Buried is a must watch for hardcore movie fans, it’s got inventivness and style in bucketloads, but it’s sometimes hard to watch or hard to keep watching. But more exciting than buried itself is perhaps what director and writer Rodrigo Cortes and Chris Sparling will do next.