The Joneses – Movie Trailer and Preview

the_joneses_1_thumb.jpg The Joneses is an upcoming comedy drama focusing on The Joneses of course, who are more than just your average neighbours. The Joneses are actually a family who work for a marketing company and who have a natural aptitude for promotion and selling, using undercover and viral techniques to pitch luxury good to their new neighbours
Baywatch moving from small screen to big screen – Baywatch Movie News

baywatch_1_thumb.jpg Baywatch is back, but not quite as you expect. There’s surely going to be a beach, a bay, some watching, and probably some red swimsuits. But with the new version they are going away from the awesome serious acting of the series and instead making the new big screen version of Baywatch a comedy!
The Brothers Bloom upcoming hustle comedy

the_brothers_bloom_1_thumbnail.jpg The Brothers Bloom is an upcoming con man movie starring Rachel Weisz, Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Brody and follows two conmen brothers played by Ruffalo and Brody. They set out to hustle a rich and attractive heiress played by Weisz, out of a tasty two and a half million dollars
Zoolander sequel highly possible, Stiller mentions Zoolander 2 on talk show

zoolander_sequel_1_thumbnail.jpg Its official Ben Stiller mentioned he was finding the right script for the follow up to the very funny and one of my fave Ben Stiller movies, the pretty amazing and very silly Zoolander! How can you forget the classic plot line which involved the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too and the assassination of a president all in one film
Yes Man – Film Review

yes_man_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Yes man is definitely a Jim Carrey movie, it has all the trademarks and while it’s not as slapstick as some previous films it’s still got that unmistakable taint. It doesn’t matter who directs or writes the films that Jim Carrey stars in he still ends up stealing the show and making the movie his own
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Little Focker is born – Meet the Fockers gets a sequel

little_focker_1_thumbnail.jpg Little Focker is the very smartly titled sequel to the 2004 movie Meet the Fockers. Which was in turn, the sequel to the 2000 movie Meet the Parents. All the main cast should from both films should be returning including Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand returning from the last film
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Employee of the Month – Rewind

employee_of_the_month_1_thumbnail.jpg Employee of the month is set in the world of Super Club super store where buying in bulk is every human’s right! Why buy a packet or crisps when you can buy 2000 packets at once for a whopping 75% discount of the price
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Drew Barrymore hints at Charlie’s Angels third movie

charlies_angels_3_thumbnail.jpg Often described as guilty pleasure, the first two Charlie's Angels films were leave your brain at home comedy action movies with some feisty heroines wielding some bad kung fu
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The Spirit and Paul Blart – Mall Cop trailers

the_spirit_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg Two movies on pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum, first up is the new trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit. Dark and brooding the trailer is stylish and intriguing, although it doesn't give anything away i think that's a good thing
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Stephen Chow and Seth Rogen making The Green Hornet

green_hornet_1_thumbnail.jpg Good news for Stephen Chow movie fans, remember Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle? Maybe if you’re a big fan you’ve even seen a few of his earlier movies like King of Beggars. Either way Stephen Chow has signed on to star and direct in Seth Rogen’s big screen version of the Green Hornet
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