The Dead Movie Review


The Dead is an old school zombie movie, that bucks the recent trend of humour in favour of pure serious zombie action.  We join the story as the movie main protagonist Brian Murphy, played by Rob Freeman, who is an Air Force Engineer in the American army, is on a plane going down over Africa.  The situation is that part of Africa is suffering from a zombie outbreak, we don’t know why, and we follow Murphy as he tries to find out a way out of the gloom. Along the way Murphy teams up with an African Sergeant Daniel Dembele, who are both slightly untrusting but in the current situation, they have to work together.

The Dead really is a throw back to the zombie movies of Romero, and that’s a good thing.  It has some really nice shots and the opening sequence really piques your interest, with it’s close up Leone style head shots and the landscapes which also bring back feelings of the Fistful trilogy. The thing about the movie is, that the Dead has 3 main characters, Murphy, Dembele and the African landscape which with it’s harsh water starved status, it brings an extra element to the zombie movie mix.

The Dead is low budget, but if you watched the amazing trailer you wouldn’t know walking into the movie, However it’s done with some real taste and style. With a little bit extra visual style the movie could have looked amazing, as it is the movie looks good, and there is nothing to really complain about for a smaller budget film.  The acting is fine, and in a movie like The Dead, its the tension which is really required, and on that count it delivers.

I really liked The Dead, I’m not saying it’s the polished Hollywood movie, but its a great, stylish and seriously ambitious movie, that does what it sets out to do.  If you want to know more about the horrors that happened on set during the shoot of The Dead then have a search for it, on your favourite search engine, it’s really quite the story.

All things considered, I’m looking forward to The Dead 2, bring on the slow zombies!