Welcome to the Punch Movie Review

welcome-to-the-punch-1-thumb.jpgWelcome to the Punch is the second movie from British writer and director Eran Creevy, whose first movie Shifty was first released way back in 2008. With Welcome to the Punch, Creevy has stepped up his game more than a few notches, with a visual style that is strong, consistent and leagues better than the often lo-fi approach most British movies employ. This strong visual style is what makes Welcome to the Punch so interesting
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The Grand Movie Review

the-grand-movie-1-thumb.jpg Filmmakers have been trying for years to capitalize on the growing popularity of poker, and by and large have missed the mark
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Prometheus Movie Review

prometheus-1-thumb.jpg Prometheus marks the return of director Ridley Scott to the Genre which brought him his first box office success in the science fiction movie Alien, and Prometheus also has ties to that movies along with its own storyline. Interestingly enough Prometheus was originally born of an idea to produce a prequel to the Alien franchise, but ended up following its own course and a unique story
My Name is Bruce Movie Review

my-name-is-bruce-thumbnail-1.jpg My Name is Bruce isn't new but I'm reviewing it anyway! Starring of course Bruce Campbell, My Name is Bruce is a movie that crosses the lines of reality and film in a way we've seen before but not with Bruce Campbell. The story follows a rabid Bruce Campbell fan Jeff, that just happens to stumble upon and release an ancient Chinese god of the dead, Guan-Di, who kills his friends and their dates leaving Jeff running for his life. The release of Guan-Di means that Jeff's town, Gold Lick in Oregon, his family and friends, and the rest of the towns folk are in danger. Of course Jeff having watched numerous Bruce Campbell movies believes that Bruce is the man to save his town.
The Dead Movie Review

the-dead-movie-review-thumb-1.jpg The Dead is an old school zombie movie, that bucks the recent trend of humour in favour of pure serious zombie action. We join the story as the movie main protagonist Brian Murphy, played by Rob Freeman, who is an Air Force Engineer in the American army, is on a plane going down over Africa. The situation is that part of Africa is suffering from a zombie outbreak, we don't know why, and we follow Murphy as he tries to find out a way out of the gloom. Along the way Murphy teams up with an African Sergeant Daniel Dembele, who are both slightly untrusting but in the current situation, they have to work together
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The Thing Movie Review

the-thing-prequel-2011-movie-review-thumb.jpg The 2011 movie prequel The Thing, has exactly the same name as it's sequel, The Thing that was originally released in 1982, and the name is the only thing that is similar about the two movies. Being a prequel the 2011 The Thing is set at the Norwegian and American Antarctica team that are mentioned by the American Antarctic research team that star in the 1982 film, confusing isn't it!
Apollo 18 Movie Review

apollo-18-movie-revie-1-thumb.jpg Apollo 18 is a found footage movie that takes the premise that the cancelled flight to the moon actually happened and the reason it was never publicised is because the mission went horribly wrong. We see the story unfold through the old footage, as we follow the three astronauts played by Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen and Ryan Robbins on their secret mission to deploy a series of beacons onto the moon, to apparently receive or alert the Americans to any potential threats from the Russians. We meet the crew through footage and interviews of them, which I liked, it's a unique way to introduce the characters and sets up the movie. As the crew orbit and land on the moon they find that something strange is going on, when they find a Russian LK Lander on the moon with no crew, and start to doubt the real reasons for the mission
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Bong of the Dead Movie Review

bong-of-the-dead-1-thumb.jpg Bong of the Dead is a zombie stoner movie that adds a twist to the popular genre, instead of your audience running away from the zombies the characters in Bong of the Dead want to get closer to the zombies! Tommy and Edwin are living in a spare world, much of the population has been wiped out after meteorites hit Earth causing a zombie outbreak. The two stoners are running low on weed supplies and by chance figure out that by using zombie brain as a fertilizer they can grow weed much faster! This starts the quest for Tommy and Edwin to road trip it up to the Dead Zone, in search of more zombie brains as fertilizer
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Hesher Movie Review

Hesher-movie-review-1-thumb.jpg 'Sometimes life gives you the finger and sometimes it gives you... Hesher.' This pretty much sums up the movie Hesher pretty well for a movie tag line, and it's the tag line on the poster. Hesher follows the story of a kid, T.J, who has just lost his mum in a car crash. His dad is depressed and on medication, and his elderly grandmother is not as together as she might once have been. T. J is obsessed with getting his mum's car back to no avail which causes him problems with the car dealers son and fellow student at his school Dustin. He also meets Hesher
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Shanghai Movie Review

shanghai_movie_review_1_thumb.jpg Shanghai is an epic looking thriller that follows the story of Paul Soames played by John Cusack as a Naval Intelligence Office who winds up in Shanghai to visit his friend Conner. When Soames arrives, he finds Conner has been murdered, and he wants to know why. Picking up where Conner left off, Paul looks to find out who killed his friend and why using his journalist persona as cover. Along the way Paul befriends local crime boss Anthony Lan-Ting played by Chow Yun Fat and his wife Anna played by Gong Li, and finds that not everything is as it seems with the close but distant couple, who have major sway in the city
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