Pandorum Review

pandorum_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Pandorum is a science fiction thriller set on a space vessel making a five hundred million mile journey from earth, the crew are all asleep in and they are carrying a passenger roster of around sixty thousand people. We start the story following a crew member named Bower played by Ben Foster, Bower awakes to find that hes apparently woken up too early and there appears to be some problems with the ship
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Trick ‘r Treat – Movie Review

trick_r_treat_6_thumbnail.jpg Trick 'r Treat is the feature film debut of Michael Dougherty who is better known for his screenwriting work but has done a fine job on this Halooween themed movie which brings together four scary stories into one film. The first story is about a school principal played by Dylan Baker that teaches one child the real meaning of Halloween after he knocks all his Jack O Lanterns down. In the second story a group of girls thats are looking to party on halloween but one of them, played by Anna Paquin
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A Perfect Getaway – Movie Review

a_perfect_getaway_1_thumbnail.jpg A Perfect Getway is a thriller movie set in Hawaii where a young couple Cliff and Cydney played by Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich are celebrating their honeymoon. They learn of a secluded beach deep in the island which is only accessible by a long trek, looking for adventure the couple decide they are going to hike to the beach with the vision of paradise firmly in their mind
Yes Man – Film Review

yes_man_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Yes man is definitely a Jim Carrey movie, it has all the trademarks and while it’s not as slapstick as some previous films it’s still got that unmistakable taint. It doesn’t matter who directs or writes the films that Jim Carrey stars in he still ends up stealing the show and making the movie his own
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Pitch Black – Rewind

pitch_black_thumbnail_1.jpg Pitch Black turned up out of the blue, with one of the best trailers I've seen to date. It was minimal, visually stark and left you wanting more and intrigued to know what happened to the alcohol fuelled flame blowing man as he was surrounded in the darkness.
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Disturbia – Review

disturbia_thumbnail_1.jpg The trailer for Disturbia showed just enough to get you interested, an old fashioned suspense story which many have likened to Rear Window by Hitchcock.
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Mr Bean’s Holiday – Review

mr_beans_holiday_thumbnail_1.jpg Mr Bean’s holiday has more mishaps than anyone else's holiday, but this is the price you pay for being Mr Bean. Things often go wrong but you rely on ingenious solutions to resolve your problems. So Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is back for another big screen outing, and this time he's off on holiday to France, which means that badly spoken French, some new friends and lots of upset people.
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The Benchwarmers – Review

benchwarmers_thumbnail_1.jpg Benchwarmers has a movie title that any one living outside of the United States is going to struggle to identify with in this comedy starring Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder.
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Smokin Aces – Review

smoke_aces_thumbnail_1.jpg Smokin Aces, I always type it Smoking Aces, but it’s definitely Smokin. There is actually a lot of smoke in this movie, guns too, but the Aces come from the man who everyone wants, Buddy 'Aces' Israel.
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The Devil Wears Prada – Review

devil_wears_prada_thumbnail_1.jpg The Devil Wears Prada is not the kind of movie i would normally choose to watch, that doesn't mean its a bad movie though, its not. Running at a time of 109 minutes its not overly long and its not so short that your left wanting for more.
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