Bong of the Dead Movie Review


Bong of the Dead is a zombie stoner movie that adds a twist to the popular genre, instead of your audience running away from the zombies the characters in Bong of the Dead want to get closer to the zombies!  Tommy and Edwin are living in a sparse world, much of the population has been wiped out after meteorites hit Earth causing a zombie outbreak.  The two stoners are running low on weed supplies and by chance figure out that by using zombie brain as a fertilizer they can grow weed much faster!  This starts the quest for Tommy and Edwin to road trip it up to the Dead Zone, in search of more zombie brains as fertilizer.

Bong of the Dead is a pretty surprising movie, firstly the director Thomas Newman shot and directed the movie on a shoe string budget of only $5000!  The movie was shot in 15 days and the bulk of the work came in post production.  The post production work shines through, Bong of the Dead has a nice visual style to it, with lots of artistic flair.  The film has a ton of nice shots and pretty impressive visual effects, that you can see if you take a look at the trailer on the official site here. The actual zombie make up and effects are great too, done by Mike Fields who has worked on a ton on movies and tv shows and it shows through here.  With the special effects and the nice post production work Bong of the Dead looks better than most low budget tv shows and it fits the movies tone really well.

I found Bong of the Dead to be an entertaining zombie movie with a twist, i thought he intro while neccessary to the story was too quiet, and after Tommy and Edwin got on the road and met up with Leah the movie really kicked in.  Cue some interesting uses for zombies, treadmill powered shower anyone?  And a whole lot of blood and gore, Bong of the Dead saw our heroes get kitted out in some kick ass combat outfits and head into the Dead Zone.  I think zombie fans are gonna get a big kick out of Bong of the Dead, and i’m interested to see what Thomas Newman and these guys do next, bigger budget or not.