Timecrimes Movie Review – Rewind



Timecrimes is a 2007 science fiction movie that takes a novel approach on the idea of time travel following the characters of Hector played by Karra Elejalde. Hector starts the story sat on a chair in his garden with his wife played by Candela Fernandez who is just about to nip out to do some shopping, Hector notices something in the forest at the bottom of his garden and takes a look with his binoculars. Through the tree and bushes he sees the figure of a woman undressing in the forrest and he decides to go and check out what is going on. When he gets up to the forrest he finds the woman lying naked against a rock seemingly alive because he can see her chest moving he moves closer to see whats going on when he is suddenly stabbed in the arm by a man with a pair of scissors and a bandaged head.

Hector runs away in shock as night starts to fall in, and the man with the bandaged head follows him, stalking his prey, he finds a seemingly deserted house where he managed to bandage his bleeding arm and find a walkie talkie which a stranger starts to talk to him through, telling him that his stalker is approaching the house and that he needs o get out. On this mans advice Hector finds his way outside and follows a path of lights up to the a bunker on the hillside where he finds the man who was giving him directions, the man tells him to hide inside a giant scientific type vat before the stalker comes up to the house. Hector follows the instructions and comes out of the vat a moment later but finds out the time is now earlier than when he actually entered the vat.

Timecrimes manages to build a really interesting time travel concept out of a really low budget idea, and is one of the best time travel movies that i’ve seen yet, the whole interest of the movie is how the timelines merge and unfold with a different perspective on the same scenes giving a gripping edge to the movie. The acting is hard to judge because Timecrimes is a spanish movie and the version i saw was dubbed into English but it doesn’t matter because the story is so interesting to watch unfold. With a lack of special effects and CGI Timecrimes gets the job done and is easily one of the better science fiction movies i’ve seen this year. Timecrimes comes highly recommended with a great concept that explains everything as you go along and a story that will keep you gripped right till the end.