Skyfall Trailer – James Bond Returns


James Bond returns to the big screen this year with Skyfall, and we have the new trailer right here for you. Due to hit the big screens on the 26th October 2012, Skyfall is the twenty third movie in the long running James Bond series. Of course Daniel Craig is back as the lead character and secret service agent James Bond.

This time around the production company and the distributors are not giving anything away about the plot of Skyfall, and personally I’m rather glad. Bond usually receives way to much attention and by the time the movie lands, you practically know the story from top to bottom. All we truly know about Skyfall is that M16 finds itself under attack and Bond is the last line of defence, and has to ensure the threat is wiped out, regardless of the personal cost.

After the superb and gritty Casino Royale, our expectations for the new series of Bond films was high, this was immediately brought down by the rather flat Quantum of Solace which was nothing to write home about. From the trailer Skyfall looks as though it’s heading back to the start with a gritty and dark movie that plays upon it’s bond roots only where necessary.

The director this time round is Sam Mendes who first hit the big time with American Beauty and is a very talented director, who should bring some element of intrigue and mystique to the whole James Bond world. Typically however arty directors don’t usually get the job done when it comes to Bond, but finger crossed Mendes has the chops to deliver a Bond movie as good as the Skyfall trailer looks, and it does look amazing.

You can take a look at the Skyfall trailer right here: