My Name is Bruce Movie Review


My Name is Bruce isn’t new but I’m reviewing it anyway!  Starring of course Bruce Campbell, My Name is Bruce is a movie that crosses the lines of reality and film in a way we’ve seen before but not with Bruce Campbell.  The story follows a rabid Bruce Campbell fan Jeff, that just happens to stumble upon and release an ancient Chinese god of the dead, Guan-Di, who kills his friends and their dates leaving Jeff running for his life.  The release of Guan-Di means that Jeff’s town, Gold Lick in Oregon, his family and friends, and the rest of the towns folk are in danger.  Of course Jeff having watched numerous Bruce Campbell movies believes that Bruce is the man to save his town.

Bruce playing Bruce, is currently filming a B movie and things aren’t going to great, speaking to his agent, who has promised him a fantastic birthday surprise, Bruce believes that when Jeff kidnaps him, that this is his birthday surprise and plays along.  So Bruce is dragged into the town of Goldlick to slay the demon Guan-Di who is real but Bruce thinks is just a ruse and part of his birthday present.

The fun from My Name is Bruce comes from the situation, Bruce thinks its an act, but it’s not, his calm nature in a situation that the towns people are seriously worried about presents lots of opportunity for comedy.  Throw in the fact that Bruce is playing Bruce, and there are lots of in-jokes for Campbell fans and lots of self deprecation on Bruce’s own career.  Some of the best moment come from Campbell playing his real life self as someone much dumber than I’m sure he is, when the townsfolk make the first attempt to hunt down Guan-Di, Campbell’s reaction to the situation initially is priceless, and then rapidly changes when he releases it may not be a hoax.

With a low budget and a modest cast, My Name is Bruce is going to be loved by Campbell fans, and probably not fully understood by everyone else.  It’s definitely a movie for the fans and if you are one of those I wholly suggest you check out My Name is Bruce.  For everyone else who might have caught a Campbell movie or TV show before you might like it too.  Personally I liked it which might reflect in my score for the movie.