Tropic Thunder Review

tropic_thunder_1_thumbnail.jpg Tropic Thunder has a fairly simple plot premise, make a movie about making movies. Take a group of actors played by Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. who are currently shooting a war movie written by an alleged war veteran played by Nick Nolte
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Tropic Thunder – a film in a movie

tropic_thunder_1_thumbnail.jpg Tropic Thunder is a action comedy directed and starring Ben Stiller. The movie plot follows the story of a band of actors who are in the process of filming a War movie
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Be Kind Rewind – Trailer, news and some serious sweding

be_kind_rewind_1_thumbnail.jpg Be Kind Rewind is a Michel Gondry directed film, whose well known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a few other things. The stars of Be Kind Rewind However are Jack Black and Mos Def who play Jerry and Mike who the story revolves around
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Kung Fu Panda is limbering up for a summer 2008 release

kung_fu_panda_thumbnail_4.jpg The Kung Fu Panda should be doing his martial arts warm up routine, because its due to hit cinemas in summer 2008. With a great cast of voice actors onboard and a score by Hanz Zimmer, i expect Kung fu Panda is going to be a treat for the eyes and ears
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Kung Fu Panda – The Characters and Stars

kung_fu_panda_thumbnail_2.jpg Kung Fu Panda is the latest animal to be thrust forward to centre stage, via the medium of Digital Animation. Kung Fu Panda is looking great, and the strides that animation has taken over the last 7 or so years has really begun to show through.
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Kung Fu Panda attack

kung_fu_panda_thumbnail_1.jpg In Kung Fu Panda we follow the story of Po, a panda who is well respected as one of the laziest animals in all of ancient China. Day to day he works as a waiter, but as all pandas do, hes has dreams of kung fu greatness.
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High Fidelity – Rewind

high_fidelity_thumbnail_1.jpg High Fidelity is a movie based on a Nick Hornby novel starring John Cusack. The film follows Rob Gordon played by John Cusask and is a perfect movie for him he does this role so well. I did enjoy the movie but I wasn’t sure if I would initially, its not the kind of movie i would normally go out of my way to see.
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Nacho Libre – Review

nacho_thumb_1.jpg Nacho Libre was a movie that the trailer doesn't really do justice too. It stars Jack Black as Ignacio a monk who dreams of being a wrestler.
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