Watchmen will be released into the wild on time

watchmen_1_thumbnail.jpg It seems that the eagerly anticipated movie adaptation of Watchmen will be released on time much to the joy of all the Watchmen fans out there. The trouble stems from a dispute between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox that's is over a year long
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New Watchmen and Star Trek theatrical trailers

watchmen_6_thumbnail.jpg Zach Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen movie has another full trailer out now and it looks pretty damn good. With some seriously slick visuals and lots of attention to detail that easily stands up to high definition scrutiny, I’m expecting that fans of the comic book cant wait to see this one
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The Good, The Bad and The Weird, $9.99 and Watchmen

good_the_bad_and_the_weird_posted_thumbnail.jpg Once again we have 3 stylish posters for you to take a look at from Korean remakes of classic spaghetti westerns to stop motion animation to Hollywood blockbusters on their new favourite movie genre, the comic book adaptation
The Watchmen are coming

watchmen_1_thumbnail.jpg Zach Snyder’s upcoming adaptation of the Watchmen comic/graphic novel world now has an interesting little blog about it
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