New Watchmen and Star Trek theatrical trailers


Zach Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen movie has another full trailer out now and it looks pretty damn good. With some seriously slick visuals and lots of attention to detail that easily stands up to high definition scrutiny, I’m expecting that fans of the comic book cant wait to see this one, and even though I haven’t read the graphic novel I’m pretty excited for this too.

You can take a look at the high def trailer over here at Apple or at Yahoo here if you not a QuickTime fan

Also if you haven’t seen it yet we finally have the first full trailer for J.J Abrams upcoming re working of the Star Trek universe. And from the trailer it looks pretty damn good. We get some shots of the crew of the Enterprise, including some of the back story of Kirk and Spock, along with the first look at Eric Bana taking up the films baddie role.

And for the new Star Trek trailer you can also check it out here at Apple or here at Yahoo.