The Good, The Bad and The Weird, $9.99 and Watchmen


Once again we have 3 stylish posters for you to take a look at from Korean remakes of classic spaghetti westerns to stop motion animation to Hollywood blockbusters on their new favourite movie genre, the comic book adaptation.

The Good, The Bad and the Weird is essentially a remake by director Ji-woon Kim of the Sergio Leone classic, but this time around its set in Korea back in 1930. Lead by 3 well known South Korean actors The Good, the Bad and the weird was first premiered at CAnnes back in May and set new opening weeking records in its native Korea. The poster i think gives you a pretty good idea what to expect from this film, fun, action and some comedy.

$9.99 is a stop motion adult only animation film, which is a melting pot of ideas written by Etgar Keter a Israel screenwriter also contributed to by the films director Tatia Rosenthal who s based in New York and to finalise the globe trotting foundations of this production it was voiced by Geoffrey Rush and Antony Lapaglia in Australia. While there isn’t much out there on the film at the moment, the poster has a charm which is only helped by a seriously catchy title that i’m surprised i haven’t seen before.

Finally we have one of the watchmen character sheets to close things out this week. While we still have a while to wait for Zach Synders film version of Gave Gibbons graphic novel, its not due out till early March 2009, we can expect it to be pretty solid from all the footage we’ve seen so far. The attention to detail really stood out when i saw some of the set work and the cast and crew interviews that they have been using to promote the movie.

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