Daybreakers – Posted

daybreakers_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted our round up of the latest movie posters, we're going against our normal format of choosing two opposing movies and just focusing on the one movie, and this week that movie is Daybreakers
Twilight New Moon – Full Trailer

new_moon_full_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg As the release of the second movie in the Twilight series, New Moon gets closer and closer we have now been treated to a new movie trailer for the sure to be massive vampire movie. This time around we get to see a lot more about the story and some of the bigger scenes are highlighted here
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New Moon Trailer and Videos

new_moon_1_thumbnail.jpg For all you Twilight fans we have a New Moon trailer fest with the original trailer and some interviews for the upcoming second part of the very popular Vampire trilogy based on the books by Stephenie Meyer
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Priest – Upcoming Horror Western with Paul Bettany and Maggie Q

priest_1_thumbnail.jpg Priest is an upcoming western vampire movie, based on a popular comic/manga by Toykopop. Priest follows the story of a tormented Priest Ivan Isaacs played by Paul Bettany who is made immortal in order to have his revenge in a long war which spans centuries of war. Ivans power is fueled by his rage at the acts committed upon him and those close to him and teams up with an atheist federal marshall Coburn, played by Cam Gigandet
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Daybreakers Movie Trailer – Upcoming Vampire Film With a Twist

daybreakers_1_thumbnail.jpg The upcoming Vampire movie Daybreakers, now has a trailer for you to check out. Daybreakers takes the Vampire story and puts a little twist on proceedings, with the Vampires being the majority in the world, rather than how they are portrayed in most films as the minority who live in hiding. Fast forward to the year 2019 where humans