Priest – Upcoming Horror Western with Paul Bettany and Maggie Q


Priest is an upcoming western vampire movie, based on a popular comic/manga by Toykopop.  Priest follows the story of a tormented Priest Ivan Isaacs played by Paul Bettany who is made immortal in order to have his revenge in a long war which spans centuries of war.  Ivans power is fueled by his rage at the acts committed upon him and those close to him and teams up with an atheist federal marshall Coburn, played by Cam Gigandet.

Priest was originally a popular comic and was first published in 2002 and has passed over varies episodes in its lifetime with regular releases.  This movie adaptation is being handled by Scott Stewart’s who is the man behind the much buzzed and upcoming Legion.  Maggie Q has also joined the cast of Priest reportedly playing a vampire huntress.



The comic is very rich and full in it’s character development so hopefully with the movie they can do it justice, and if they do we are surely in for a treat.  You can check out the official site for Priest here although there isn’t much to check out yet.  Or head on over to Empire where i read the original story, or you can check out some of the original Comic below courtesy of Toykopop.