Daybreakers – Posted


This week in Posted our round up of the latest movie posters, we’re going against our normal format of choosing two opposing movies and just focusing on the one movie, and this week that movie is Daybreakers.

Daybreakers is an upcoming Vampire movie starring Ethan Hawke, William Dafoe, Sam Neill,Claudia Karvan and Isabel Lucas and is a Vampire story with a bit of a twist, this time around the Vampires are the predominant race on earth and humans are in scarce supply, meaning the Vampires are looking for a way to capture the last remaining humans and farm them for their blood, at the same time a faction of the Vampire community is splitting and looking to save the rest of the human race. We have covered Daybreakers before here at Movies Illustrated and you can read our previous post and view the trailer here in our original Daybreakers post.

Onto the posters for Daybreakers we have the one sheet and two sheet posters and both look pretty stylish, which makes sense because the movie definitely has a nice visual style going on and if you haven’t seen the trailer for it yet, and you like your Vampire flicks then i definitely recommend checking it out.