Daybreakers Movie Trailer – Upcoming Vampire Film With a Twist


The upcoming Vampire movie Daybreakers, now has a trailer for you to check out.  Daybreakers takes the Vampire story and puts a little twist on proceedings, with the Vampires being the majority in the world, rather than how they are portrayed in most films as the minority who live in hiding.  Fast forward to the year 2019 where humans have been afflicted with a virus essentially turning them into bloodsucking vampires.  The remaining humans are hunted for blood and farmed and harvested to feed the vampires needs, the few remaining humans however are willing to make a stand and a splinter group of Vampires actually believes they have discovered a way to reverse the virus.




Due to be released early next year, around January in 2010, Daybreakers has a varied cast, with Ethan Hawk leading the proceedings as a vampire scientist who believes he has found a cure for the virus.  Sam Neill plays the head of a corporation who manages the humans for their blood, with Williem Dafoe, Claudia Karvan and Isabel Lucas also taking leading roles.

Daybreakers is being written and directed by a twin brother team Peter and Michael Spierig, their only other full length feature was also about rather macabre subject matter so no doubt this is a genre they have real interest in.  The trailer itself looks damn stylish and the vampires have that classic look, matched with some pretty stunning scenery and some atmospheric lighting.  So what do you think is the twist going to add a nice spin on the whole vampire genre?