Disturbia – Review


The trailer for Disturbia showed just enough to get you interested, an old fashioned suspense story which many have likened to Rear Window by Hitchcock. Disturbia however is bang up to date on the technology used in the story world, with the main character Kale played by Shia Lebeouf, and is early on in the movie attached with a leg alarm for hitting his teacher. This sets up the story which means that Kale is effectively a prisoner in his own home. So what do you do in Disturbia when you’re trapped in your own home for weeks? Sure you can watch daytime TV, play video games, go on the internet, well you could if you hadn’t annoyed your mum played by Carrie-Anne Moss, that she cut off all your plugs to your electrical equipment.

This forces Kale to resort to using old school technology for his entertainment. Like.. Binoculars, which he puts to lots of use, spying on his neighbours, including the pretty girl Ashley who just moved in next door played by Sarah Roemer, and the man accross the street who appears to have a new girlfriend. This sets up the story in the movie as we get involved in the action and suspicions of Kale as he monitors the neighbourhood using his new favorite toy.

Distrubia is written and directed by the same duo that did Red Eye which was an above average thriller, with a good cast. Disturbia is quite similar in its tone with an equally solid cast, Carrie-Anne Moss is convincing as Kale’s mother, Shia Lebeouf is excellent in the lead role, and his friend Ronnie played by Aaron Yoo provides some needed and timely comic relief at some of the more tense moments.

So a surprisingly good movie that is obviously aimed at a younger audience but should appeal to all ages through its good acting, direction and script.