Yes Man – Film Review


Yes man is definitely a Jim Carrey movie, it has all the trademarks and while it’s not as slapstick as some previous films it’s still got that unmistakable taint.  It doesn’t matter who directs or writes the films that Jim Carrey stars in he still ends up stealing the show and making the movie his own.  This time the story in Yes Man follows Carrey’s character Carl Allen, who after a divorce has become reclusive and withdrawn.  He is convinced to attend a seminar by his friend and there he meets the ‘Yes’ guru Terrence Bundley, played by Terence Stamp.  Afterwards Carl Allen is a changed man, saying yes to everything and anything, which often ends up with him in interesting situations and meeting new people including musician and photo jogging instructor Allison played by Zooey Deschanel.

Yes Man started of by making me cringe then it made me laugh, and as my friend perfectly described the film, it’s a cute movie.  Yes Man has the ending you expect it too but gives you a lot of laughs along the way.  The cast are fine with Carrey in typical exuberant form and zooey Deschanel bringing cute to a whole new level with some interesting singing moments for both Deschanel and Carrey, who can both actually sing pretty well.

The easy comparison here is Liar Liar they both have two word titles, short and catchy, and the premise is somewhat similar.  Yes Man however is in my opinion a much superior film, I liked it definately one that Jim Carrey fans will enjoy.