Buried Movie Review

buried-movie-review-1-thumb.jpg Buried is the work of spanish director Rodrigo Cortes and stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role as Paul Conroy a truck driver from the US working in Iraq who manages to find himself trapped in a coffin, tied up and completely unsure of how he got there or why he is there. Buried is a pretty unique movie that makes the most of its low budget premise. The whole movie is filmed enterily in the coffin with just a few props to keep the story ticking over, like a Blackberry phone, a lighter some glowsticks and of course the main character
Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie Review

pirates_of_silicon_valley_review_thumb.jpg Pirates of Silicon Valley is a movie I completely missed first time round, and it's only recently through a recommendation that I actually got round to seeing it. Pirates of Silicon Valley is a 1999 TV docudrama based on the book Fire in the Valley and follows the early story of two groups of computing pioneers in Bill Gates, Steve Balmer and Paul Allen, who went on to form that little company Microsoft. And Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who went on to form an almost unheard off company called Apple
limitless Movie Review

limitless-movie-review-1-thumb.jpg Limitless is one of those movies that really got under promoted, wrongly promoted or I just damn well missed all the hype when it was released, and yes, surprisingly it is actually pretty damn good. Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie a down on his luck writer, living in a dump that he can't afford rent on and is just about to get ditched by his girlfriend Lindy, played by Abbie Cornish
Rubber – Movie Review

rubber_movie_review_thumb.jpg Let me start by saying this, Rubber is one of those movies that is so random, bizarre and original that it's hard to even review, or in this case rather pointless. You see Rubber is one of those movies that is something you should watch just because its so unique, but I'm not saying your going to like it. Rubber follows the story of a car tire that comes to life and trundles along killing anything that gets in it's way, mostly by use of it's special power, vibrating insanely
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Inside Job – Movie Review

inside_job_movie_review_thumb.jpg Inside Job is a documentary by Charles Ferguson that goes into great detail regarding the global financial meltdown of 2008 which was the result of various changes in the financial sector that ultimately had worldwide impact. For anyone that is currently feeling the pinch or living in the recession this movie is a must watch documentary that shows how a few people got rich at the expense of everyone else
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The Green Hornet Movie Review

the_green_hornet_1_thumb.jpg Of the two superhero movies to be released in 2011, The Green Hornet and The Green Lantern, the hornet has struck first. The Green Hornet Stars Seth Rogan as Britt Reid or the Green Hornet who is the 28 year old good for nothing lay about son of James Reid the owner of The Daily Sentinel newspaper. When Reid dies from a presumed wasp sting his son finds an ally in former maid and engineer Kato played by Jay Chou. The two out of boredom and financial freedom decide to behead a memorial statue of James Reid out of their shared hatred of him and stumble into being criminal vigilantes
Wasting Away Movie Review

wasting_away_1_thumbnail.jpg Wasting Away is a zombie flick with a big difference; instead of your typical humans run from zombies, here we have a movie that focuses on the zombies and shows the events from their eyes. The real kicker is that the zombies don't even realise that they are zombies they just wonder why everyone else is moving really fast and speaking at double speed
Machete Movie Review

machete_movie_1_thumbnail.jpg Machete follows the story of Danny Trejo's as the title character Machete, an illegal immigrant in America who used to be a Mexican Federale. Machete now finds himself embroiled in the political world with spin doctor Michael Booth played by Jeff Fahey who calls in Machete to make a hit on corrupt Senator McLaughlin played by Robert De Niro
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Hood of Horrors Movie Review

hood_of_horror_1_thumb.jpg Hood of Horror is a hip hop horror anthology fronted by Snoop Dog and features three stories from the ghetto which are bookended by Snoop himself. The first story follows a young girl Posie played by Daniella Alonso who is a graffiti tagger who finds a way to get revenge on the other taggers who graffiti over her work
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The Joneses Movie Review

the_joneses_1_thumb.jpg The Joneses is one of those movies that never really got pushed but has such an interesting idea for a movie that it's well worth a look just for the premise alone. Writer/director Derrick Borte first forey into film direction follows the story of the joneses who promote products in affluent suburbun areas, making sales through product placement in their own lives which they then show off to their wealthy neighbours, creating a sales ripple effect through the neighbourhood.
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