Machete Movie Review

Machete follows the story of Danny Trejo’s as the title character Machete, an illegal immigrant in America who used to be a Mexican Federale. Machete now finds himself embroiled in the political world with spin doctor Michael Booth played by Jeff Fahey who calls in Machete to make a hit on corrupt Senator McLaughlin played by Robert De Niro who is tough on immigration across the American border. When the hit goes wrong Machete realizes he’s been set up and with the help of a freedom fighter/taco seller Luz, played by Michelle Rodriguez he works to set things right while battling with local immigration office Sartana Rivera played by Jessica Alba.

The first thing about Machete is that it’s another B movie throwback from Rodriguez who previously worked with Tarantino on the B movie Grindhouse, and with the stylish and retro angles shots and grainy footage Machete is one rather visually interesting movie. With the movie actually starting life as a trailer in Grindhouse it’s nice to see the original actors who starred in the trailer back and with the healthy addition of Alba, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsey Lohan and Robert De Niro you could say the movie is rather star packed and all of them get the tone.

Machete is ultimately just a good bit of fun and you definitely shouldn’t take it seriously, it has action, style and a whole load of fun blended in with the cardboard B movie style acting. If your a fan of Grindhouse in particular Planet Terror, or any of Rodriguez’s previous flicks then your going to love Machete for what it is, just like I did.