Indiana Jones 5 has a story – Harrison Ford Confirms

indiana_jones_and_the_kingdom_of_the_crystal_skull_1_thumbnail.jpg It's been a while now since the fourth movie in the series hit the big screen and raked in the cash despite getting just above average reviews from the critics, and now we have news from Indy himself that the fifth movie has the basic storyline roughed out
Zoolander 2 – Derek Zoolander will Return

zoolander_sequel_1_thumbnail.jpg One of my favourite Ben Stiller comedies alongside Dodgeball is Zoolander starring the very very dim Derek Zoolander and from the recent news it appears we can finally expect a sequel to the 2001 movie. Ben stiller has talked many times about how he would like to bring the character back and it always seem to be a favourite Stiller movie among those that have seen it
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Cop Out – Movie Trailer

cop_out_thumb.jpg Cop Out is an upcoming comedy buddy cop movie, yes that a lot of descriptive words i know, directed by but not written by Kevin Smith. the movie stars Bruce Willis who is no stranger to playing cops, just not in a comedy role. His buddy is Tracy Morgan a comedian best known for his long stint on Saturday Night Live, and also stars Sean William Scott and Ana de la Reguera
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Get Him to the Greek – Movie Trailer

get_him_to_the_greek.com_thumb.jpg Get Him to the Greek is the somewhat sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and follows the story of Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow as Jonah Hill character Aaron Green tries in vain to get the British rock star on time to a concert at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre. Although both Brand and Hill return in this movie Hill is playing a completely new character as a college graduate who starts his intern at a record company when he gets the unenviable job of transporting Aldous Snow
Solomon Kane – Movie Trailer

solomon_kane_1_thumb.jpg This fantasy movie is based on the Solomon Kane character from writer Robert E. Howard, who is most well known for Conan the Barbarian books which have of course already been made in movies. This movie is directed by Michael J Bassett and stars little know James Purefoy in the title role of Solomon Kane
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Suicide Girls Must Die – Movie Trailer

suicide_girls_must_die_1_thumb.jpg Suicide Girls Must Die is a reality TV horror movie which features the very popular Internet models, The Suicide Girls, who like their tattoos, piercings and striped hair and look mighty fine in my opinion. The story in the movie follows 12 of the Suicide girls who are visiting a remote cabin to do a calendar shoot. Everything is getting documented on video camera by Missy and Sawa who are in charge of the shoot, and little to the models knowledge they plan to shoot the first reality horror movie featuring the suicide girls
The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown Sequel Coming to the Big Screen

the_lost_symbol_1_thumb.jpg The next Dan Brown novel to be adapted for the big screen featuring Professor Robert Langdon is The Lost Symbol and Sony are already busy getting the book converted into a screenplay. Doing the honours this time is Steven Knight who also did Dirty Pretty Things, and with the success of the previous two movies in the series you can be sure this movie will be on the fast track.
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The Last Airbender – Movie Trailer

the_last_airbender_1_thumb.jpg M. Night Shyamalan's latest feature film The Last Airbender now has its first official teaser trailer and you can take a look at it right here. In typical Shyamalan style the trailer doesn't really give anything away but it sure looks pretty
Max Max – Road Fury

mad_max_fury_road_1_thumb.jpg The fourth movie in the Mad Max series is looking to be on the big screen in 2011 and it will be a twenty six year gap between this movie and the last, Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome. On the cast for certain is Charlize Theron as a yet unamed character and rumoured to be playing Max Rockantansky himself is Mark Hildebrandt, although this is just rumoured currently
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