The Losers – Movie Review

the_losers_1_thumb.jpg The Losers follows the story of five Special Forces operatives who during a mission in Bolivia find themselves unable to carry out their mission because the lives of innocent children will be taken if they do. When they stray from their instructions given by Max, who they only know via radio contact, they find their escape helicopter shot down by Max who then believes he has killed them due to their unwillingness to follow his direct orders
Takers – Movie Trailer

takers_1_thumb.jpg Takers is an upcoming all star cast filled crime thriller that sees a crew of high level theives who are drawn into a robbery against a gung ho detective aiming to spoil their plans. The cast of the robbers include Paul Walker, Chris Brown, Idris Elba and Hayden Christensen. Also on the cast we have Zoe Salander who you might recognize from Avatar although in this movie she is noticbly less blue. Played the good guy in the movie is Matt Dillon the hard boiled cop who is looking to take the crew down
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