Solomon Kane – Movie Trailer


This fantasy movie is based on the Solomon Kane character from writer Robert E. Howard, who is most well known for Conan the Barbarian books which have of course already been made in movies. This movie is directed by Michael J Bassett and stars little know James Purefoy in the title role of Solomon Kane, who is a 16th century swordsman that after being a soldier for the Queen and a very good one, decided to live a peaceful life after meeting a demon and being threatened with his soul being placed in hell. Kane’s new peaceful life is disturbed by the emergence of a sorcerer and once again he has to return to his fighting ways.

Solomon Kane, looks pretty much like all out swords and sorcery action goodness, which is one of my favourite genre of movies and from the trailer it looks as though this won’t disappoint. Solomon Kane is due out this Friday and you can check out the trailer for it below.

Interestingly this low budget British movie has big ideas and this is the first in a proposed line of three movies, presuming of course that this one is a success and from the reviews so far it looks like it should be getting pretty solid reviews across the board from what i’ve read.